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SpectraBase Compound ID BHn8nAzUBpo

Mass Spectrum (GC)

Mass Spectrum (GC)

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID JrQM7VSnjx
Name Dicloxacillin-M/artifact-10 HYAC
Classification Antibiotic
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Ionization Type Electron Ionization (EI)
SPLASH splash10-024i-7962700000-7ef1e3dfb4bfaecc9b0f
Sample Comments The MMPW Reference Handbook and associated Tables are attached to Record #1, under the Attachments tab. Refer to these references for an explanation of the Sample Preparation Procedure "Detected" abbreviations, as well as other relevant information pertaining to this database.
Sample Preparation Procedure Detected: U+UHYAC
Source of Spectrum H.H.Maurer, M.Meyer, K.Pfleger, A.A. Weber / University of Saarland, D-66424 Homburg Germany
Technique GC/MS
Wiley ID MMPW6e_3034