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di-o-Methylstyrene-tetramethylene copolymer
SpectraBase Compound ID 2B6zpO8BQHe
Mol Weight 0.0 g/mol
Molecular Formula C18H20-C4H8
Exact Mass 0.0 g/mol

Transmission Infrared (IR) Spectrum

Transmission Infrared (IR) Spectrum

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID HwWLHVPHLvy
Name di-o-Methylstyrene-tetramethylene copolymer
Source of Sample D. H. Richards, Explosives Research And Development Establishment, Waltham Abbey, Essex
Chemical Description Alternating structure (o-methylstyrene units in head-to-head arrangement)
Compound Type Pure
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Formula C18H20-C4H8
Literature Reference D. H. Richards, N. F. Scilly, F. Williams, Polymer 10 (1969) 603-9
Sample Description White powder
Sample Preparation Comments Reaction of o-methylstyrene with 1,4-dibromobutane in tetrahydrofuran in the presence of lithium metal
Source of Spectrum Sadtler (sample and properties provided by Professor Doctor Dieter O. Hummel)
Technique Film (cast from chcl3)