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SpectraBase Compound ID 1H9zBunNCdx

Vapor Phase (Gas) Infrared Spectrum

Vapor Phase (Gas) Infrared Spectrum

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID 9fJ46JQB6wc
Name ALATHON 7030 RESIN - Controlled Pyrolyzate (Vapor Phase)
Source of Sample Dupont Company, Wilmington, Delaware
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Sample Procedure The pyrolysis technique is commonly used in the infrared identification of polymers and results in spectra of both the volatile and non-volatile pyrolyzed fractions the polymer under investigation. It can be used by researchers to identify principal polymer types. This record contains the volatile (Vapor Phase) IR spectrum resulting from the pyrolysis of ALATHON 7030 RESIN. The IR spectrum of the non-volatile (Condensed Phase) fraction resulting from the pyrolysis of ALATHON 7030 RESIN is ALATHON 7030 RESIN - Controlled Pyrolyzate (Condensed Phase). The Temperature in this record is the temperature of the pyrolysis.
Technique Vapor Phase