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SpectraBase Compound ID 94adgn3q3oL

Transmission Infrared (IR) Spectrum

Transmission Infrared (IR) Spectrum

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID 3M4i0mCEq1k
Name CX 1013
Source of Sample Chemplex Company
Chemical Description POLYETHYLENE
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Sample Procedure The pyrolysis technique is commonly used in the infrared identification of polymers and results in spectra of both the volatile and non-volatile pyrolyzed fractions the polymer under investigation. It can be used by researchers to identify principal polymer types. The volatile (Vapor Phase) and non-volatile (Condensed Phase) IR spectra resulting from the pyrolysis of this sample are available in SpectraBase as CX 1013 - Controlled Pyrolyzate (Vapor Phase) and CX 1013 - Controlled Pyrolyzate (Condensed Phase).
SpectraBase Batch ID KBvIbgBepHm