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Methyl [(2,4,6-tri-t-butylphenyl) imino] phosphane
SpectraBase Compound ID 4SulMWYiXv5
InChI InChI=1S/C19H32NP/c1-17(2,3)13-11-14(18(4,5)6)16(20-21-10)15(12-13)19(7,8)9/h11-12H,1-10H3
Mol Weight 305.4 g/mol
Molecular Formula C19H32NP
Exact Mass 305.227239 g/mol

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Mass Spectrum (MS)

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID 2Kf9BiTNwcC
Name Methyl [(2,4,6-tri-t-butylphenyl) imino] phosphane
CAS Registry Number 143346-04-7
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Formula C20H34NP
SPLASH splash10-05mo-2093000000-a38ac564068c98de751d
Source of Spectrum K-125-2638-2
SpectraBase Batch ID CgDx9HiFxd5