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Terpolymer (AMe-stat-ABu-stat-AEHE)
SpectraBase Compound ID 1IiUBbWexAI

Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared (ATR-IR) Spectrum

Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared (ATR-IR) Spectrum

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SpectraBase Spectrum ID 11T2Vs3ZTFE
Name Terpolymer (AMe-stat-ABu-stat-AEHE)
Source of Sample Specific Polymers, France
Catalog Number SP-4P-0-008
Classification statistical acrylic copolymer
Comments Atmospheric correction
Compound Type Pure
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Detector Name LiTa03
Instrument Name PerkinElmer SpectrumTwo
Molecular Weight 1900.000 g/mol
Sample Description viscous liquid
Source of Spectrum Specific Polymers, France
SpectraBase Batch ID 1mDCRhuKifw
Technique ATR-IR