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SpectraBase Compound ID E9AXIjATfEe
InChI InChI=1S/C6H15N/c1-4-5-6-7(2)3/h4-6H2,1-3H3
Mol Weight 101.19 g/mol
Molecular Formula C6H15N
Exact Mass 101.12045 g/mol
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Source of Sample J. E. Sarneski, H. L. Surprenant, C. N. Reilley Anal Chem. 47, 2116(1975)
Solvent Deuterium oxide; Reference=Dioxane; Temperature=313 K Spectrometer= Varian XL-100
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Solvent D2O
Title Journal or Book Year
Chemical shifts and protonation shifts in carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of aqueous amines Analytical Chemistry 1975