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SpectraBase Compound ID DaFR9hrbXlK
InChI InChI=1S/C53H48N16O15S3/c1-10-11-30-50-56-14-33(84-50)45(77)55-17-36-54-15-34(86-36)46(78)63-25(7)51-57-16-35(87-51)47(79)61-23(5)41(73)62-24(6)49-67-31(18-83-49)38-28(52-68-32(19-85-52)44(76)69-37(27(9)70)48(80)66-30)12-13-29(65-38)43(75)60-22(4)40(72)58-20(2)39(71)59-21(3)42(74)64-26(8)53(81)82/h11-16,18-19,25,27,37,70H,2-6,8,10,17H2,1,7,9H3,(H,55,77)(H,58,72)(H,59,71)(H,60,75)(H,61,79)(H,62,73)(H,63,78)(H,64,74)(H,66,80)(H,69,76)(H,81,82)/b30-11+
Mol Weight 1245.2 g/mol
Molecular Formula C53H48N16O15S3
Exact Mass 1244.264721 g/mol
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Solvent DMSO-D6
Title Journal or Book Year
The structures of A10255 B, -G and -J: new thiopeptide antibiotics produced by Streptomyces gardneri The Journal of Organic Chemistry 1992
Unknown Identification

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