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N-{[ E-5,6,7-tris( Hexyloxy)-10-methyl-2-phenanthrenyl ]methylene} aniline
SpectraBase Compound ID A5R428XyxRB
InChI InChI=1S/C40H53NO3/c1-5-8-11-17-24-42-37-29-33-27-31(4)36-28-32(30-41-34-20-15-14-16-21-34)22-23-35(36)38(33)40(44-26-19-13-10-7-3)39(37)43-25-18-12-9-6-2/h14-16,20-23,27-30H,5-13,17-19,24-26H2,1-4H3/b41-30+
Mol Weight 595.9 g/mol
Molecular Formula C40H53NO3
Exact Mass 595.402545 g/mol
Unknown Identification

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