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SpectraBase Compound ID 9xtV8BUlmrS
InChI InChI=1S/C12H4Cl6O/c13-5-1-9(17)11(3-7(5)15)19-12-4-8(16)6(14)2-10(12)18/h1-4H
Mol Weight 376.9 g/mol
Molecular Formula C12H4Cl6O
Exact Mass 373.839331 g/mol
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Source of Sample T. Nevalainen, E. Kolehmainen, M-L. Saamanen & R. Kauppinen, University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, Finland Magn. Reson. Chem. 31, 100(1993)
Solvent Chloroform-d; Reference=TMS; Temperature=30C Spectrometer= Jeol GSX 270
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Solvent not reported
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Solvent CDCl3
  • 2,4,5,2',4',5'-Hexachloro-diphenyl ether
Title Journal or Book Year
13C NMR spectroscopic study of diphenyl ether and 28 of its polychlorinated derivatives Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 1993
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