Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. SpectraBase; SpectraBase Compound ID=5WBzCXpiRpF (accessed Feb 17, 2019).

SpectraBase Compound ID 5WBzCXpiRpF
InChI InChI=1S/C29H49NO2/c1-18(2)23(30-32)9-7-19(3)21-11-13-27(6)25-10-8-22-20(4)24(31)12-14-28(22)17-29(25,28)16-15-26(21,27)5/h18-22,24-25,31-32H,7-17H2,1-6H3/b30-23-/t19-,20+,21-,22+,24+,25+,26-,27+,28-,29+/m1/s1
Mol Weight 443.7 g/mol
Molecular Formula C29H49NO2
Exact Mass 443.37633 g/mol
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Solvent CDCl3
Title Journal or Book Year
Triterpenes and Lignans from Artemisia caruifolia and Their Cytotoxic Effects on Meth-A and LLC Tumor Cell Lines. CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN 2001